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Introduction For Single Repair Bio-Factor

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Update time : 2019-04-29 15:12:00

Introduction For Single Repair Bio-Factor
Strongly promotes the growth of human skin cells. Nourishes the skin, enhances the elasticity of the skin; repairs damaged skin, tightens the skin, reduces melanin in the skin cells and reduces the formation of dark spots on the skin after sunburn, and acts as a whitening effect;

Improve cell growth environment, promote the synthesis of elastic fiber and collagen, renew aging cells to make skin elastic, keep skin moist and smooth;

Wound repair after cosmetic surgery. Repair of skin wounds after laser operation, reduce skin damage and shorten treatment cycle;

Promotes epidermal keratinocyte growth, repairs damaged cells, accelerates cell metabolism, repairs the stratum corneum to increase skin's immunity and resistance, and restores skin to health and whiteness.

Compound repair factor:
Biological skin series, medical biological acne series, anti-allergic red blood silk repair series, sputum printing and sputum series, anti-aging anti-aging wrinkle series, medical whitening skin rejuvenation series, pure liquid series lyophilized powder series, etc.